MONTELLA ברז כיור אמבטיה

מחיר מיוחד 312.00 שקל מחיר רגיל 430.00 שקל
סקירה כללית

Store of MONTELA Bathroom Sink Faucet

High-quality series for faucets, a combination of high and advanced technology

Classic Italian design characterized by clean and solid lines 

 Convenient control of water temperature and pressure

Material: High-quality cast chrome with a shiny appearance.

Lever lever for temperature regulation and water pressure flow

High-quality brass faucet body that ensures quality and longevity of the product

American, European, and Israeli quality standards

Easy to assemble, use and maintain

Dimensions: height 160 mm

 5 years importer warranty

Our Bathroom sink faucet MONTELA Designs

Elegant glamorous design that enhances the harmony in the bathroom Rounded corners Aesthetic design creates an atmosphere and user experience

Quality series for faucets in bathroom sinks, a combination of high technology and advanced Italian design characterized by clean and solid lines for aesthetics in the shower

Material: Chrome finish High-quality casting with a glossy look

Easy to assemble, use and maintain

Height: 160 mm

5 years warranty

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